Glory of Ganges

The enduring commitment to naturalism has provided Paramesh, an earnest constancy. Due to which we find his works as a sincere investigation of the threads of naturalism and realism. He has evolved his creativity by not restricting it to mere mimetic replicas, instead, he has skillfully captured the imageries to his cerebrals and put them on the two dimensional planes with a detailed analytical approach. He strongly believes that: Painting should be easily communicable to ordinary people. Therefore he does not go into much of formal jugglery. As a result, most of his paintings are made up of multiple layers that are quite revealing and mystical. They show a substantial relationship between aesthetics and creativity.

In terms of subject, as said earlier Paramesh is found to be an ardent landscapist and cityscapist. They have become an indigenous identity of his style. The massive architectural variety represented in his paintings of Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Haridwar & Benaras offers a vast range of structural monuments. These historical edifices bring an interesting illusion of three-dimensionality in his paintings. It reflects the artist’s rational way of space articulation and compositional construction.

Amongst all, Paramesh Paul has enormously accentuated on his ‘the most’ acclaimed series, i.e. Benaras. The mysticism and spirituality that is offered by this city has been mysteriously encapsulated by him in the present exhibition.

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