Glory of varanasi

A celebration of the ordinary that transcends to the divine……..

Art and spirituality is intertwined in my works, it comes from the deepest place inside of me which fulfills the need to create. The medium almost becomes secondary to the creation. The process takes precedence and experience of making itself is exhilarating. Painting, for me, is beyond the portrayal of the physical world and mere appearance of the subject. It is a celebration of the ordinary that transcends to the divine. It’s a journey from gross to the subtle. It is deep dive into the profound from the shallow; a soul searching and self reflective act. I seek to transmit to the beholder, these explorations and sensations which possessed me while creating my art.

I specially paint places that optimistically embrace life in all its form. When the illuminating sunlight invariably bounces off the landscape, my artistic impulses respond to that kaleidoscopic feast. Visiting and painting Benaras is one such feat. This city is an everlasting source of inspiration for my artistic oeuvre. The drama of life, both mundane and sublime, is played out daily here. The distinction between reality and imagination often blurs in my works. In the many-layered, thickly textured surfaces of my paintings, all contradictions are resolved. The city of light becomes a vast, crowded landscape where the viewers don’t feel small; they become part of the universe, vast, yet humble.

–  Shraddha Purnaye

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