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Spirituality Extracted Out of the Void of Life

By | 2018-02-05T09:23:01+00:00 February 5th, 2018|artist|

Paintings of Paramesh Paul  Mrinal Ghosh Through his landscapes and cityscapes Paramesh Paul touching the core of deeper realty tries to expound a spiritual sensibility. Spirituality bordering round traditional religious feelings is the essence of his art. In that sense his paintings have a greater purpose. Through his works he analyses and investigates life,

Glory of Ganges

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The enduring commitment to naturalism has provided Paramesh, an earnest constancy. Due to which we find his works as a sincere investigation of the threads of naturalism and realism. He has evolved his creativity by not restricting it to mere mimetic replicas, instead, he has skillfully captured the imageries to his cerebrals and put

Glory of varanasi

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A celebration of the ordinary that transcends to the divine…….. Art and spirituality is intertwined in my works, it comes from the deepest place inside of me which fulfills the need to create. The medium almost becomes secondary to the creation. The process takes precedence and experience of making itself is exhilarating. Painting, for